Michelle Bagnato, Founder

Michelle brings energy, focus and a refreshing sense of possibility to help clients connect and contribute better. As the Chief Executive Officer at Good Culture, Michelle specializes in designing custom programs and partnerships that enhance operational vitality and build a vibrant community presence based on shared values.

Working at the nexus of philanthropy, active citizenship, sustainability and entertainment for more than two decades, Michelle has partnered with clients such as Disney, Microsoft, Los Angeles Unified School District, Surfrider Foundation and TreePeople, to achieve real and meaningful change through collaboration. She is a renowned community organizer, presenter, and sought-after motivator.

Michelle curates every Good Culture project and guarantees direct, responsive communication and connection with her clients. She assembles handpicked programs based on the unique requirements of each client so that the best combination of skill and creativity is focused on results.

Before devoting her work fulltime to Good Culture, Michelle spent 20 years as an internationally-respected producer for the advertising and entertainment industries. Michelle lives in West Los Angeles, CA and is a mom to a fiercely independent, future-thinking teenage son. She is an outdoor, landscape and travel enthusiast, plotting entire trips around the discovery of local arts and cultural festivals. She escapes it all by heading to the mountains or the sea for trail running, mountain biking, skiing, swimming, surfing and outrigger canoeing.

Michelle Bagnato, Founder and CEO of Good Culture - helping people help people
Michelle is very experienced at navigating the complex landscape of Unified School District policies and initiatives related to sustainability and community engagement. She is a fantastic organizer with an inspired vision for schoolyards and the communities that surround them.
— Teresa Dahl, Director, Community School Parks at People for Parks